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Accusing Pakistan for Osama Bin Laden-whilst sheltering Neo Nazis-Quite a game player-POTUS

Accusing Pakistan for Osama Bin Laden-whilst sheltering Neo Nazis-Quite a game player-POTUS

Accusing Pakistan for Osama Bin Laden, whilst sheltering Neo Nazis, Quite a game player, POTUS.

The president of a country having NEO-NAZIS groups, warning Pakistan to work for eradicating terrorism is quite ironic. Donald Trump the 45th President of United states of America, in his latest conference on 22nd August,2017 made some very harsh and baseless accusations on Pakistan.

I, as a citizen of Islamic Republic of Pakistan feel that it’s my utmost duty to speak out regarding the alleged “terrorist’s safe havens” in Pakistan. Yes, Pakistan has some issues Mr. President but the Pakistan army and its people do not support it in any way. The fact that Pakistan is undergoing military operations since 2004, is one of the many evidences.

POTUS said and I quote: “We have been paying Pakistan billions and billions of dollars at the same time they are housing the very terrorists that we are fighting,” he said. “That will have to change and that will change immediately.” Yes, you are paying billions of dollars but the last time I checked all this Talibanism was created by your country in the first place. So if you are paying Afghanistan and Pakistan billions of dollars, that is something that you should do. It’s not a favor, it’s your duty.

While we are at the topic of eliminating terrorism, Pakistan underwent over 3,300 IBOs since July,2017 only. And over 124,000 operations in Pakistan since February 2017, these are mere operations in a year.

The fact that Senator John MacLaine from USA, visited Pakistan and appreciated our efforts and success in eradicating terrorism is a slap on this conference, in addition to that British General Sir Nicholas Patrick Carter, Chief of General Staff of the UK Army praised Pakistan Army and its efforts in terminating terrorism. Not only that, Turkey gave COAS Pakistan, Legion of merit award for the determination and gains from the anti-terrorism operations.

For someone who supports white nationalists and Neo Nazis in his country, I just want to say it would be much better if instead of tweeting at 03:00 in the morning while being POTUS, you should actually check your facts before attacking a nation, especially Pakistan. Pakistan Army and Pakistani people know how to counter these attacks, we are not India, we are not Afghanistan, we are a concrete nation, no amount of pressure can take that from us or our Army.

Blogger: Shalar Ali

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